Panama Carnival!

Many celebrate the Carnivals but not so many know their origin, that's why Viral Connection's Team brings you this information ;)
Although for many Latin Americans carnivals are 100% native to the region, the reality is carnival is one of the oldest traditions in the world. There is a belief that, before Christ, the Sumerian peasants gathered to celebrate fertility and ward-off evil-spirits in disguise and masks.

The first carnivals of Panama were moved to the region by the first Europeans in the Colonial Era (15th century), where some individuals disguised themselves as conquerors, slaves, as well as the king and queen of Spain.

The Carnivals of Panama, are celebrated for four consecutive days, prior to Ash Wednesday and culminate with "the burial of the sardine." It was in 1910 that the mayor, José Agustín Arango, made official the celebration of carnivals; the celebration merited having a queen and Manuelita Vallarino, who enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most beautiful women in Panama, turned out to be the first sovereign.
Today the carnival is dancing, music, drinking, going to bed at dawn and the next morning enjoying the 'culecos', where tankers spray water to hundreds of people who sing and dance under a strong sun.

These carnivals Viral Connections invites you to drive with care and enjoy with friends and family. DRIVE SAFE.

Carnivals 2018

Official reports state 8 deads and over 300 accidents were reported during Panama Carnivals 2017. These carnivals DRIVE SAFE.

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Carnivals Panama 2015

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Carnivals Panama 2015